Hello and welcome to my blog! Here I post ecofeminist blogs discussing ethical diets and moral social actions. I also am working on further understanding college intramural rules and how they contribute to a sexist college culture. I also find the political system in the United States extremely interesting and will be writing about the recent election and the Trump Administration.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Emma Hitchens and I am a sophomore at Villanova University. I am a Finance/ Management Information Systems double-major with an Accounting minor. As a technical business major, I do not have a vast ability to write about current ethical dilemmas, however I want to share my opinions and educate my readers about current ethical topics.

I am a vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights. Many of my posts will deal with topics of ethical vegetarianism and environmental issues due to my diet of choice. I also have strong opinions about the current political situation and presidential campaign.

As a member of the human experience, I feel that I am obligated to fight against sexism for both men and women. As issues of sex, gender, and sexual preference continue to populate our media outlets, I am aiming to offer an ecofeminist and progressive approach to these issues.

In my free time I love to have fun with my friends and play guitar. Writing is also a passion of mine, specifically creative writing. One goal of this blog is to enhance my writing and research skills.

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for reading and please feel free to comment on my posts or suggest topics you would like to learn more about.  I have also listed some sites/causes that I find to be extremely beneficial. Enjoy!


Sites to See:

Free The Nipple



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