Why I’m Not Voting For Trump (Besides Him Being a Terrible ‘Human Being’)

Let me first say that these are my individual opinions. I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I align with most of her stances on key issues that are important to me. I encourage everyone to not decide on a candidate based on who they see on CNN/FOX the most. Instead, learn about their positions on issues that are most important to you. Pick the candidate you think will positively impact our country. Don’t pick someone for the wrong reasons. And… don’t pick Donald Trump.

  1. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.
    • For 400,000 years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have never been over 300 parts per million…. Now? It’s 400 parts per million. That’s a 100 parts per MILLION in under 70 years. But yeah no, climate change isn’t real.
    • Due to this increase, the acidity of surface ocean waters is increasing, because of the absorption of carbon dioxide. The amount of absorption is increasing by 2 billion tons per year. Not sure if you heard, that’s 4409245600000 lbs.
  2. Doesn’t believe we should prioritize green energy.
  3. He believes in absolute gun ownership and doesn’t think our country needs to have more restrictive gun laws.
    • US: guns: 2.97 gun homicides per 100,000 people in 2012
      • Australia: no guns –> 0.14 gun homicides per 100,000 people in 2012
    • 372 Mass shootings in the United States in 2015
    • 80% of people who carry out mass shootings obtain firearms legally… proving the need for a better screening process. It’s common sense.
  4. Doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood should be government-funded.
    • Disregarding personal beliefs about abortion, the costs of cutting funding to Planned Parenthood (PP) would be detrimental.
    • More than half of the nearly 3 million people who use PP each year could lose access because they rely on public health programs. 4 in 10 women who get care from a family planning center say it’s their main source of health care.
    • PP is a trusted health care provider and provides crucial health services such as:
      • “nearly 4.5 million STI tests and treatments, including HIV tests;
      • over 900,000 cancer screenings and preventive services;
      • more than 3.5 million contraceptive services; and
      • approximately 65,000 family practice services — including treatment of chronic diseases and authorization for hospital care.” (istandwithpp.org)
    • Well why can’t other providers be put in place?
      • In 2011, five clinics were slashed in an effort to defund PP. These clinics offered HIV testing. In March 2016, Mike Pence (YES THAT ONE) declared a state of emergency due to an unprecedented outbreak of HIV… rooting from… YOU GUESSED IT… the town where those clinics were closed.
  5. He thinks that law enforcement should be allowed to use racial profiling.
  6. He believes in the Mexico border wall.
    • Besides this being financially impossible (more than $6 billion to construct, conservatively, and $49 billion to maintain for more than 20 years), it’s almost physically impossible (you know… because of mountains?). (Oh and Mexico won’t be paying… cause duh. Calderon won’t have it.)
    • The wall will ruin our relationship with one of our most trusted trading partners.
    • The wall has been tried before and failed.
    • There are 18 federally protected species found along certain sections of the California border and more than 39 federally endangered, threatened, or candidate species that live along the Arizona border. Conservationists won’t have that.
  7. Doesn’t think GMO labels should be mandatory.
  8. Believes waterboarding should be a legal interrogation option.
    • Even though it’s been proved that false information is more than often gained from this torture technique, he believes in it.
    • According to the UN Convention Against Torture, torture is “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession.”
    • There are horrible forces and people in this world using techniques, but the United States is not, and should not, be one of those places. Human dignity and respect for life should be prioritized. There are other methods of interrogation and defense that can be used without degrading the human person.


I’ve excluded racist comments and sexual assault comments from this post. But take them into account. I have, because they are equally important. I just wanted to give a clearer picture of the opinions of Donald Trump without the haze of bigotry that surrounds him constantly.

I urge everyone to vote because your vote matters!


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